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December 19, 2007

Oh man oh man. Time flew right by and no time to update! Have been dabbling into computer, watercolour, ink drawing to coagulate some ideas for my next series of works. Went to New York for a bit to meet up with some of the old friends, watched No Country for Old Men (Highly recommended if you like brooding movies! More info here)

Just want to present a smorgasbord of things I am mucking around with these days to you... A sampling if you will... :-) 



Lemme see here. I got two watercolour sketches that I am working on, hoping to turn them into paintings. Trying to build a city model on Blender and it's taking forever. Last but not least, took some photos for architectural references when I was in New York; I was in Dumbo checking out the massive structure of the Manhattan bridge. Saw the Martin Puryear show at the MOMA and the physicality and his attention to detail in relations to the scale of his sculptures are staggering. Really nothing short of awesomeness.

Got to get back to the studio. I hope that when it comes to January, I have some finished works to show you. Happy Christmas and new year as well!

September 20, 2007

Hi y'all. This is going to be a teeny update as I don't have much to show. Currently I've been working on sketches for new etching plates and they are taking quite a while.

I have finally found a studio space where I can concentrate and work on my stuff. In fact, I am sharing it with an extremely talented artist and good friend, Luke Painter, whose site I would like you to check out. Here is his site.

Below are pictures of what the studio looks like.


It looks a bit bare but for my use it's perfect. Since I have to bring my etching plate to a printmaker studio to crank out the prints anyway, I really don't need much to set up shop on my own.

As you can see there is my sketchbook in the second picture. All my sketches for all the prints are jot down in this sketchbook first. I find the sketchbook size very portable but sometimes it falls short when I need to draw something more immense. In such cases I often tack an extra sheet of paper onto my sketchbook to give it more space to draw (also shown in the picture).

Also another good thing about the studio is that it faces north and I got the so-called "north light". Painters love this north light because it lasts through the day and it's constantly diffused; as opposed to lights shining from either east or west, which are harsh lights and don't last through the whole daytime. North light thus gives a painter some consistency when he works on his paintings in regards to their lighting condition.

That rounds up this update's "shop talk". :-) See you in October!

July 27, 2007

The Outdoor Exhibition was great! I got to meet up with a lot of old friends and thanks to those who came! The response to my new works has been very enthusiastic and I am really excited with the new possibility that comes with etching. The quality of lines is what I have been seeking for for a long time and now I think I've found a good medium. I will be continuing to work with this medium for a while and hopefully I can get more works up soon.

Here are some of the new prints that I've just scanned in. They were shown at the exhibition.

On the Sunday it was pouring for quite a bit heavy with thunderstorm mixed in. I was glad I prepared some plastic covers to cover up my works. It's actually kind of fun scrambling around trying to cover this and that! :-) 

Okey dokey. It's time to head back to the studio! Bye for now!

June 18, 2007

Once again I will be doing the Outdoor Art Exhibition in July. For those who don't know, it's an exhibition being held at downtown Toronto core every year in the summer for three days, rain or shine. 500 artists convene and promote their artworks. It's a juried application so most of the time there would be 1500 applicants every year! It's always fun to meet many people from all walks of life who are interested in art and also many other colleagues.

This year I will be selling some prints at the show. Below's a map (96Kb) for you. I am right next to the Stage, smack in the center of the Nathan Phillips Square. The show is on the 6th, 7th and 8th of July.

File Size: 96Kb

I've two more prints to show you here. These two, along with the other two that I 've updated last time, will be available at the exhibition.

Well, this's it for now, folks! Hopefully I will see you at the show in July! :-) Cheers!

May 1, 2007

I can't believe four months just flew by like that. Finally we are having some spring days in Toronto, it sure is nice.

Update has been sparse but it doesn't mean I was slacking. I have been exploring printmaking as a means to my art and the frontis piece you are seeing on this page is one of them. I have a bigger version of that piece and another small one waiting for you in the art gallery here.

I will be making more works in this medium, hopefully they will be up soon. The intaglio process is laborious, so prints come off the press very slowly!

Hope you are enjoying the springtime! :-)

Dec 27, 2006

Phew! Finally I got some time to sit down to update the website. But first of all I would want to apologize for the downtime for the website as the server was having some problem during October and it wasn't accessible at the time. The problem has been fixed and it shouldn't go down again (knocking on wood).

Even though update has been sparse on the website end, I did commit on working on more drawings. You can see some of my new drawings here. In this coming January I am going to take an etching class and hopefully I can transform my drawings into some nice etching prints. I couldn't wait, to be honest!!

During summertime I went away to this city in Japan called Ishinomaki, in the prefecture of Miyagi. It was a small little city but it had some nice scenery. I also went to a place called Nikko, where there were some really baroque-looking temples; I highly recommend this place as a must-go for travelling. Below are some of the photos that I took, except for the first one, which is an aerial photo of Ishinomaki-shi from year 1984 that I dug up from Google.

Well, that's it for now. Have a happy new year, folks!








August 14, 2006

I've been away for a while but am able to finally sit down and update the site. This is a major update, mainly in the gallery section with new works that I've done for the Outdoor Exhibition. For those who visited the show and saw my works, I thank you for your enthusiasm, it really means a lot to me! If you haven't, no worries, there are photos below this entry for you to check out!

I also did some subtle reorganizing with the website. As some of the regular visitors may have noticed, sometimes I work on the same artwork in various media. First it may start out as a very tight sketch, then maybe an ink drawing, and later a full-fledged painting. I've taken out the repeats out of the website as they are redundant. The only exception to this is, for example, when I think the sketch deserves the same merit for viewing as with its subsequent drawing or painting.

I have also done some re-arranging in the gallery section. I took out the 2006 drawing folder and simply put its content right on the gallery page. Just for easier browsing.

Here are some photos of my booth at the Outdoor Exhibition. Once again, thanks for coming!



June 1, 2006

So it has been confirmed!! I will be showing at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition again this summer! It's on July 7,8,9. They had me in their artist catalogue here. Make sure you mark the calendar if you are going to be in Toronto. :-)

Below is a map (110Kb) of where I will be, along with dates and times of the exhibition. As you can tell, I am smack in the middle of the square. If you can find the Info Booth, I am right next to it (west, actually)!

File Size: 110Kb

It's been a while with updates but I've been a drawing machine cranking non-stop. Thankfully, this year has been set up very well that I can work on my job as well as do my own art on the side. Have to seize the moment, that's for sure.

This time I have two drawings as a treat. Tried my skills on a tablet laptop at work and did this one of the two. Wacom the tablet manufacturer is surely putting out good products; the pressure sensing of the tablet pen tip is phenomenal. It felt no different than a normal pen in my hand. By the way, the drawing is done in Photoshop CS2.

Feb 11, 2006

Did someone say he was going to update on January 10? Hehehe, I don't know who that person would be... ;-)

Well I am going to pump the site with some goodies this time around. Check out the 2006 drawing page for some nice drawings. I am exhibiting these right now at the Drake Hotel (MAP IT!) in the front lobby till the end of Feburary. If you are in Toronto, you should go check it out.

It has been great being in a show and I am very dedicated to drawing right now. Keep coming back for more! By the way, happy belated Chinese New Year!

December 9, 2005

Hey there! This month it's going to be a sketchbook attack...

Check these out! :-)



I am building up a new batch of drawings and they will be available on view in the Feb 2006 posting. Just giving you a heads-up. Bye for now and have a great holiday!

November 6, 2005

Aaagghh. Being busy is not an excuse and yet...!!

However, I did finish this painting that I'd mentioned in the August 1 update. Here it is in its full glory. I hope this will make up for the late update.

Stay tuned 'cause I have some wicked drawings coming up soon!!

October 3, 2005

Apologies. I have been 2 days late with the update.

Nonetheless, I've got some solid stuff here.

Start working at the so-called "Tabletop building" at my old college. Life is busy but I am counting my blessings, being able to paint during offhours.

September 1, 2005

Hello there.

Got a new drawing here for you to check out.

Went to Newfoundland (up north on the Atlantic side of Canada for those who don't know) last week and it was beautiful. There is a lot of hardship though and makes me respect the people there more than ever.

Took some great pictures and they will serve me as very good references for future work. Looking at them just make my blood boil and want to get to work!!

Here are a few of them.



August 1, 2005

Long weekend holiday here in Canada — yay!

Still trying to wrap things up for the show (see entry below);  also, working on a new painting. Here is a sneak peek.

When I was studying in New York my teacher taught me to take photos for reference; have been doing that ever since.

They serve to be more a memory-jogger and inspirations to other things rather than things for me to copy from.

Here are some stuff that may work their ways into my works someday. :-)



And don't forget there are two new drawings to whet your appetite!
July 8-10, 2005

Exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in Nathan Phillips Square downtown.
Below are some photos:-


Had a fantastic time selling works and having some interesting conversations with people I met. To those of you who visited my booth, thank you!